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The House of Tula Pink

So, um… I haven’t been around a whole lot the last month and for this I am almost really sorry. I wanted to say it’s because I have been writing a book but the truth is that I wrote this last year so that excuse is out the window. Hey, a book! That is a way better topic than where I have been.


So here is my book. Quilts from the House of Tula Pink. I was lobbying for the subtitle “Super Awesome Crafty Crap” but in the end everyone decided that the less offensive “20 Fabric Projects to Make, Use & Love” would go over better with the masses. So here is it: 10 amazing quilts and each with it’s own accessory project, fun for everyone!


The photography totally blew my mind. We are talking some serious quilt porn here. The photos were all taken in this crazy abandoned apartment. I like to call the style post-apocalyptic chic. It’s very cool if I do say so myself. The book should start shipping late February. You can pre-order it directly from me in my shop. All books ordered from me will be signed, I have a lovely signature I think you will like it.




Space Dust!

This is Space Dust!! The best quilt ever! Above is the “styled room shot”. This is my Post No Bills Room or sometimes called the Surplus Art Room. Anywhoo, enough about my pre-teen decorating sensibilities and on to the best quilt ever! I have no idea how I made it, let’s just get that out of the way. Every piece is a different shape and of course every single side of every single piece is cut on the bias so that was super fun (sarcasm). Then it had to be appliqued onto the background fabric which is the sweetest little black pin dot in the whole universe.

As soon as I get it bound I will take a flat shot of it but I thought this accidental shot gave you the general idea. If you don’t want to wait for me to get around to taking a photo of the entire quilt you will just have to head to Oregon to see it at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I know, it’s kinda mean but it’s the only way to justify my laziness.

So this is the crazy map that was supposed to tell me what went where. I had this quilt idea pop into my head around three A.M. one morning. During this time of night my mind works a little differently than any other time of day. I remember this seeming extremely logical at the time.

This quilt was fun to make because it didn’t need to satisfy anything but my own sense of humor. I used at least one piece from every collection I have designed. There are 116 different fabrics total. Usually I allow Angela, my quilter, to take the reins on the quilting and do her own thing with just general instructions from me. This time was different. I designed the quilting to be an extension of the concept so it had to be exactly how I saw it. I drew in little propulsion engines and how I wanted the smoke to billow out from them. It needed a little ladder because how else would anyone get in it? Angela added a hidden alien which I thought was a nice touch. All in all I think it’s pretty awesome.

Did I mention it will be on Display at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show next month? Where I will be teaching! Come see it, and me!

Sneaky Peaky


Ok kids, since it seems that people like to see what they can’t have I will now commence with the premature posting of  far off fabrics. Think of it as a little glimpse of the future. I have always wanted to be psychic myself but lack the talent. I have a hard enough time seeing what’s going on while it’s happening.

Can anyone guess the theme? I know my wily wit and sleuth-like-clue-leaving  (I am sure there is a word that means all that) skills are unparallelled but I think I left you all with quite enough to guess where I am going with this. I plan to leave a little trail of bird crumbs that leads all the way to Quilt Market where all will be revealed in its entirety. We will see how that works out. I have heard that patience is a virtue, though it is not mine.