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Tula Pink’s New #MoxieQuilt Pattern


Hey friends! My newest fabric collection for Freespirit Fabrics, Fox Field, is now available everywhere! I have decided to launch my newest quilt pattern as a free downloadable .PDF pattern to celebrate!  Please use the hashtag #MoxieQuilt across all social media channels to track the progress of everyone else making this quilt and to  join in on the social conversation.


The pattern, along with all of my other free patterns, are listed on my website under the “Free Patterns” section, or by clicking here.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date with all things Tula Pink. Enjoy!

American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine – October 2013

The October 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting just hit newsstands and mailboxes around the world! Inside you will find a 6 page Tula Pink feature titled Modernitional with a bunch of AMAZING photos of my work and studio.

Also included in the magazine is my new Peaks & Valleys pattern! I have been getting a ton of questions about this quilt and when it will be released, so yay! Its finally out. Make sure to subscribe to APQ or at the very least grab a copy of this issue before you checkout at the grocery store. Peaks & Valleys Quilt Kits are now available through i Heart Tula Pink

PS. I illustrated the title, Modernitional, for the story. Check it out when you read the magazine. What does this word mean to you?

[PHOTO] Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

YOUR City Sampler blocks – #Tula100

The Sew a long has begun! I am totally, jaw droppingly, overwhelmingly floored by how fast these blocks are popping up! You guys and gals are animals! Sew Sweetness , Jaybird Quilts, Crazy Old Ladies, and Gina Pina have put together a City Sampler Quilt Along for my new book, Tula Pink’s City Sampler | 100 Modern Quilt Blocks  and everyone is doing such an incredible job that I thought I should give y’all a little shout out and let other people see all of the fantastic work you have done. Go show these piecers some love on all of their blocks! There are quite a few that are making me jealous. I just might have to make another one here pretty soon. If you are making some blocks go upload them to the Official City Sampler Quilt Along Flickr group so we can all see them and tell you how wonderful you are.

Remember to use the hashtag #Tula100 on Twitter and Instagram we can all look at each others blocks!


Tula Pink X Aurifil Threads


All of the beautiful fabric in all of the world won’t be very useful unless you have something to sew it all together with. I have recently partnered with Aurifil  to bring you a special Tula Pink blend of threads to sew all of those luscious fabrics together. They come all wrapped up in a cute little box with my face on it. I know that is what you have always wanted. At least I drew myself smiling because, hey, I have my own thread collection. I should be happy!


When I am sewing I like my thread to disappear into the fabric. My quilts tend to be made with a lot of different colors and a lot of contrast. I put my pinks next to blues and oranges next to yellows, greens right smack up against purples and I have a penchant for laying it all down on whites, creams, grays and sometimes even black. All of this adds up to a special kind of problem, one thread color usually won’t cut it. To solve this little problem of mine I have chosen a series of variegated colors that sink nicely into my very multicolored and high contrast fabrics. Instead of choosing a palette that relates to one particular fabric collection I chose my colors very carefully to coordinate with all of my collections. The point? There is a color for every occasion. I like the quilting of most of my quilts to be done in either light or dark gray so I threw those in too. Personally, I will never need another thread color as long as I live, unless I start making weird single color quilts but that is highly unlikely.


The thread collections come in two sizes; the large box and the small box. The large box holds 12 large spools which includes all 10 variegated threads plus two solid colors for quilting. The small box contains 10 smaller spools of the variegated colors. If you have never used variegated thread for patchwork I think you might like it. The threads slowly transitions from light to dark of one color or from one color to the next color. It’s a nice easy shifting of hues like watching the sunset. You are never really sure when the sky changes, you don’t remember watching the blue fade to pink but somehow you look up and it’s a whole different sky. So this little box of joy is sort of like a sunset made of cotton and all lined up eagerly waiting to thread a needle. I can be very poetic when I want to be.


The weight of the thread is ideal for patchwork. It’s strong enough to hold your piecing together for future generations while fine enough to sink ever so delicately into your fabrics. These little packs of sunshiney delight should be popping up in your favorite shops in the next few weeks so keep on the lookout!


Large Box:

12 Spools of 50wt. Premium Cotton Thread

12 Spectacular Colors

1422 Yards Each

100% Cotton

Made in Italy


Small Box:

10 Spools of 50wt. Premium Cotton Thread

10 Spectacular Colors

220 Yards Each

100% Cotton

Made in Italy

Tula Pink x Urban Threads



Ever since I took delivery on my Bernina 830 I have been absolutely obsessed with machine embroidery. I want to embroider everything or at least just zone out while I watch the machine make it’s magical stitchery. It’s kind of awesome. When I started playing around with the machine my first stop was Urban Threads. I wanted some little things to play with while I got the hang of it. I could seriously watch that thing go forever. It’s meditative and not just a little hypnotizing. So here’s the deal… I have partnered up with Urban Threads to make my very first machine embroidery design available to you. I thought it only fitting that my first embroidery design would be a version of my very first fabric design. So I’m not going to get all nostalgic and mooshy on you I just thought I might point that out ;) There are a whole bunch of different file types available so you should be able to find a file type that will work with any machine that is capable of embroidery. The Owl is available in three sizes and downloads instantly to your computer. Fun right? Yep I thought so too. So have it!


Featured Artist interview is in the link provided below.  Available for Machine Embroidery and for those with more time and less machinery there is the Hand Embroidery option as well.

website -


Salt Water – New Fabric!

The time has come my fabric friends… It’s preview time! I am off to International Quilt Market in a week and I am busily getting samples made and booth structures painted. I have been so busy that I have completely forgotten to show you what I have been cookin’ up in the Pinkerville lab. Please meet my newest brain child… Salt Water. 24 quilting cottons, 6 voiles and 4 laminates. Salt Water ships to stores in December  so it’s time to let your local shop know that you want it!